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“We’re coming on a couples trip to Rosemary Beach, where should we eat?!”

Just one of the common messages we get. As locals, we’ve been asked for ideas for everything from big family trips to couples trips, girls trips, small family trips, and even kid-free. Each of these have such a fun lens to view 30A through! While each “vacation type” has some overlap, we certainly have recommendations on how to make the most of each.

We’re kicking off this series with how to spend your kid-free vacation in Rosemary Beach. Maybe it’s a couples trip or maybe it’s an anniversary trip, either way you should find some great recommendations for how to spend your time in Rosemary Beach and the surrounding 30A area. 





The most popular question we get is where to dine. Without a pause we always recommend Citizen in Alys Beach. It’s a short walk or quick ride from Rosemary Beach. 

Here’s what we’re ordering: warm cheddar biscuits, hummus platter, calabrian shrimp, anything from the raw bar! 

But we promise you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu! If you’re looking for a cocktail to begin or end your evening NEAT, right next door to Citizen, is a quaint tasting room with indoor and outdoor seating to take in the area. 

La Crema 

Right on the main street in Rosemary Beach, La Crema is a fun option for tapas and perfect if you’re traveling with other couples. Unfortunately neither La Crema or Citizen offer reservations. You’ll find this to be pretty common along 30A. All the more reason to know where to grab cocktails while you wait. Don’t miss the tiny outdoor window tucked into La Crema. Grab a drink and walk around after putting in your name! 


Cocktails + Happy Hour

We’re not going to pretend we have many secrets on happy hour pricing in this area but we do have the scoop on the best views! 



You won’t want to miss one of the only rooftop sunsets along 30A at Pescado Rooftop. If you’re looking to take in the view or sunset, head to the top floor and enjoy cocktails or a meal with one of the best views on 30A. 


Havana has a lively rooftop with a small view of the Gulf and the Pool of the The Pearl Hotel. While we love the rooftop vibe for cocktails, our pro tip is to hit Havana’s main downstairs area for Brunch. This is located at The Pearl Hotel. 




Courtyard at Pescado

You won’t want to miss the Piano at the base of Pescado 6-10 daily. It’s a  New Orleans inspired bar offering craft cocktails, live music, and small bites. Seating is first come first serve.

Coffee + Cocktails

Promise us that whichever place you choose to go, you also walk around the area while you do it!. Grab your coffee, tea, or juice before the weather gets hot and get lost in Alys Beach. You’ll leave feeling like you took a quick flight to Greece! If you can’t make it in the morning both of these hot spots have killer cocktails.


Fonville Press

Retro vibe with a bar that opens to the outside. A great spot rain or shine because of the indoor seating. Might we recommend the breakfast sandwich, which is served on the most delicious cheddar biscuit and the frozen espresso martinis. 

Raw and Juicy

If you’re more of a juice person, this will be your jam! 

Local recommendation: A juice and avocado toast, add the egg! We’ve also heard great things about their carrot juice margarita. Pictured below is their bloody mary with a homemade mix, it didn’t disappoint! 


Farmers Market

If you can hit the farmers market at the beginning of your stay there are plenty of great stands to stock your fridge with. We love Mano’s Mediterranean, grab anything he has for some tapas in the house. We don’t need to tell you how to enjoy it because this sweet owner makes sure to give the full scoop to all his customers. 

Rosemary Shops

A great way to spend some time if you’ve had too much sun or it’s raining! Have a dog at home? Stop into Huck and Harlow and bring them something special home! 

Alys Beach Shops

If you make your way down to Alys for one of the coffee or cocktail recommendations, there are a few shops in that area. Summer Story Alys is an impressive furniture store, even if you’re just window shopping. If you need a pit stop, Georges is a great lunch spot if you like seafood. 



The beach is great for more than just swimming! Bonfires are a fun way to catch the sunset. Here are a few companies you can contact to set one up for you: 




On the water 

If you’re looking to make a day of getting out on the water and you like a high energy vibe, Crab Island is a popular choice. You can rent a boat or get one chartered for you. Crab Island is popular for its shallow emerald waters and floating bars. Cheers! 

photo credit: beach reunion


As a local I’ve tried a few massage places along 30A and by far my favorite has been from Vivo Spa. Its small and quaint but left me feeling rejuvenated. Enjoy a drink on their porch before or a little ice cream downstairs at Kilwins after! 


Out and About

We hope you packed your athleisure too because there is way too much to soak in along 30A and the best parts can’t be seen by car. Especially if you’re like us and like house peeping. 

You can certainly view a lot by foot but if you’re open to biking, you’ll be able to see a lot more! If your house didn’t come with bikes, here is a bike rental spot right in town center. 

If you’re here for long enough we recommend making your way down to one more beach community, Seaside. “a town so picture-perfect that it served as the backdrop for Jim Carrey’s hit movie, The Truman Show.” 

How we would spend our time in Seaside: grab an absurdly large mimosa from Modica Market that you can walk around with. If coffee is more your style Amavida will be your spot! Hit some of our favorite shops: Artfully simple, Cabana, and Seaside Style. Stop into Bud and Alleys for lunch or happy hour and catch one of the only Gulf views. It’s first come first serve seating and everyone wants that beachside view, so you may consider putting your name in before walking the area during peak season. Oh and don’t forget to take a picture in front of the iconic post office! 


Stock the fridge

Stayson30a Concierge would be happy to make sure you have everything you need upon arrival


CK feed and Supply is a good stop if you need a bottle of wine, beer, or an appetizer at the last minute. Might we recommend the sausage balls, a southern favorite.


If you’re looking for a larger convenient store, you might check Seacrest Sundries Market & Cafe just up the road


If you want to stock up on some donuts or coffee for the week, we recommend Charlie’s Donuts and Amavida coffee.


Safe to say you have plenty to do and see during your kid-free trip to Rosemary Beach! For more recommendations follow us over on Instagram @stayson30a. If you’re Interested in making 30A a more permanent location or investing in this slice of paradise, you can find us here or @stayon30a

Today, we’re excited to introduce our Home Care Guarantee, a unique service offering from Stay on 30a. Our commitment goes beyond mere property management; it’s about creating a partnership of trust and excellence with our clients and guests. Let’s dive into what makes our Home Care Guarantee a game-changer in the world of property management.

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2. Proactive Home Care Repairs
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3. Integrity-First Home Care Inspections
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4. Transparent Communication
Communication is key in our approach. We provide regular updates and detailed reports about your property, ensuring you’re always in the loop and can rest easy knowing your investment is in safe hands.

5. 24/7 Emergency Response
Emergencies don’t wait, and neither do we. Our 24/7 emergency response service means we’re always on call to handle urgent issues, providing unparalleled peace of mind.

6. Renter-Proofing Designs and Upgrades
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7. Seasonal Preparedness Services
Our seasonal services prepare your property for the changing weather, from winterizing to summer heat-proofing. This proactive approach protects your property from seasonal wear and tear.

8. Complimentary Basic Services
In line with our philosophy of partnership, most of our services are complimentary. We focus on mutual respect and shared goals, not on nickel-and-diming our clients.

The Home Care Guarantee by Stay on 30a is more than a service; it’s a promise of peace of mind, quality, and a long-term partnership. We’re dedicated to managing, protecting, and enhancing your property as if it were our own. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our team!

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Winter in 30A is a season draped in tranquility and understated beauty. Winter in 30A is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Far from the bustling summer crowds, 30A reveals a quieter, yet equally enchanting side, where the chill in the air only adds to the area’s allure. This stretch of the Emerald Coast transforms into a serene oasis, perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat. From the charming streets of Rosemary Beach to the artistic allure of Seaside, 30A in winter reveals a quieter yet equally captivating charm.

30A’s Winter Highlights:

Strolling through Rosemary Beach:
In winter, the cobblestone streets of Rosemary Beach take on a storybook quality. The cooler weather makes wandering through this European-style village, with its boutique shops and cozy cafes, a delightful experience.

Exploring State Parks and Trails:
Topsail Hill Preserve State Park remains a winter favorite. With its rare coastal dune lakes and miles of trails, winter is an ideal time to explore without the summer heat. Hiking and biking become more enjoyable as you traverse paths dusted with the soft, golden light of the cooler months.

Artistic Escapes in Seaside:
Seaside, known for its pastel-colored houses and artistic vibe, becomes a canvas for winter’s soft palette. Explore local art galleries or enjoy live music events that continue through the winter months.

Biking the Scenic Route:
The Timpoochee Trail in winter is a cyclist’s dream. The cooler temperatures make biking along the scenic 30A bike path a joy. Rent a bike from one of the local shops and explore the unique neighborhoods, each with its own character, at a leisurely pace.

Winter Beach Picnics:
Enjoy the solitude of the beaches in winter. The shores of East 30A, less crowded, are ideal for a peaceful beach picnic as you watch the waves gently roll in under the soft winter sun.

Beach Strolls and Sunsets:
Winter sunsets along 30A are spectacular. Enjoy quiet walks on less crowded beaches, where the winter sky paints a breathtaking canvas at dusk.

Discovering Alys Beach:
A visit to Alys Beach in winter is like stepping into another world. This visually stunning community, with its white buildings and striking architecture, is even more peaceful in the off-season.

Winter Dining and Events:
The culinary scene in 30A remains vibrant during winter. Cozy up in local cafes or enjoy seasonal events that celebrate the community’s spirit. The cooler months also bring unique local events, from art festivals to holiday markets, adding a festive cheer to the season.

Winter Beach Picnics and Bonfires:
Enjoy the solitude of the beaches in winter. The shores of 30A, less crowded, are ideal for a peaceful beach picnic as you watch the waves gently roll in under the soft winter sun. As night falls, beach bonfires become a magical part of the experience, offering a unique way to enjoy the coastline under starlit skies. These gatherings around a crackling bonfire on the soft sand create unforgettable moments of camaraderie, warmth, and relaxation.

Holiday Festivities:
The winter season is marked by charming holiday festivities. From festive light displays to community events, there’s a joyful spirit in the air.

30A in winter is an invitation to unwind, reflect, and enjoy the simpler pleasures of life. It’s a time when the world slows down, allowing you to savor every moment of beauty and peace. For those seeking a quiet yet enriching winter escape, East 30A offers an experience that’s both rejuvenating and memorable.